Why ThunderCore is the Next Big Gaming Platform - Consensus 2019

Why ThunderCore is the Next Big Gaming Platform - Consensus 2019

We had an amazing week at Consensus 2019 and also at ETH New York. We’re working on publishing a post-show write-up on those events. For today, we wanted to quickly get this out to the community — Chris Wang, our CEO, presents on Blockchain and Gaming and some early results for ThunderCore, after only 2 months of our Mainnet going live.

A Few Key Takeaways

  • Blockchain’s biggest problem isn’t scalability anymore. It’s lack of users.
  • Comparatively, Mobile gaming Daily Active Users (DAUs) is in the 100’s of millions per day; on Blockchain it’s in the thousands.

Early Results After 2 Months on Having a Mainnet Live

Really positive news. Big growth in Daily Active Users (DAUs):

Growth of DAUs on ThunderCore has been fast and continues to grow:

We are growing because we know the following:

  • The key to making Blockchain the next big platform for gaming, is to bring non-blockchain people to interesting and fun games.
  • But, it’s difficult to onboard users, pay first approach, and not mobile friendly.

Our Approach

ThunderCore is Mobile-first

Knowing where people like to play games, our attention will be on games that are mobile-first. We are also interested in desktop games — always — but it’s clear that people prefer to play on mobile and so we will go where users are.

Free to Play

We reject the idea of having to pay first. Mostly everywhere else, besides in blockchain, users get to enjoy first and then pay later. We want to follow that same model.


Our General Approach — Simple, but focused:

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