ThunderLink Web Wallet Launches!

ThunderLink Web Wallet Launches!

Exciting developments from our independent developer ecosystem just keep coming! We are very excited to share the news of another 3rd party project launching — ThunderLink.

ThunderLink has officially been released on the Chrome Web Store. It is a simple-to-install Chrome extension that simplifies access to the ThunderCore blockchain for all of those who are working on desktops or laptops. Although ThunderCore already has numerous compatible mobile and hard wallets, ThunderLink is the first browser wallet to default directly to the ThunderCore blockchain.

ThunderLink was designed to be very easy to use. It is an intuitive wallet that allows a user to interact with new applications — such as the forth-coming ThunderBet — flawlessly and provides the additional feature of automatic transaction signing. ThunderLink provides similar experience the ThunderCore community have come to expect from the ThunderCore Hub wallet, except now it can be experienced directly from the browser. With some minor modifications to their dapps, developers can leverage ThunderLink to reach the web-based audience and build applications specifically for those platforms.

We cannot be happier, nor wait, to see the impact this independent, community developed wallet will have on the ThunderCore ecosystem. Although the team behind ThunderLink is not affiliated with ThunderCore, we are grateful for their support and interest in building on ThunderCore. This new wallet will provide needed functionality to upcoming releases and we look forward to seeing what else will be built on the ThunderCore blockchain.

If you are interested in building an application to run on the world’s best Proof-of-Stake blockchain — join us in Waterloo and enter to win one of our developer bounties. Details coming soon!

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