ThunderCore Tokenomics: An Update

ThunderCore Tokenomics: An Update

I am very excited to share some big news with you that will benefit all token holders.

As of July 1st, ThunderCore will make the following changes:

  • Token Release Schedule Change: The Token Release Schedule will be modified so that, rather than tokens being unlocked on a monthly basis, tokens will only be unlocked every 6-months (January and July).
  • Team Lockup: The 375 Million Thunder Tokens that were unlocked in May following the initial exchange offering will be returned to the genesis block pool in the “Team & Advisors” wallet and locked-up until February, 2020.

Why Are We Doing This?

  • To better align the incentives of our community, our early contributors, as well as our employees.
  • To use this opportunity for the ThunderCore team to show our clear support and confidence for the project and the community.
  • To capture further value for the community in order to incentivize the growth of a healthy ecosystem.

With these changes, we greatly improve our tokenomics. With a stable supply and plenty of partnerships, product releases, and exchange partnerships coming up, we are confident in the growth of our token price.

For the numeric geek, these changes mean, along with our confirmed annual Staking Pool Service participants, an immediate 10.1% circulation reduction this month and at least an average of 18.5% reduction for the rest of 2019.

More details on our changes to the token release schedule and lockup plan are below, but I want to take this moment to thank our community for the support and patience they have given us as we bring a complicated and robust piece of technology to the market.

From all of us here at ThunderCore — Thank you.

Team Lockup

To date, 375 million Thunder Tokens have been released to founders and employees. As we are confident in ThunderCore’s future, 100% of our team has volunteered to participate in token lockup. All 375 million tokens will be returned to the “Team & Advisors” wallet in the genesis block and locked until end of February 2020. This means no employees or founders will receive tokens from the genesis block before our early contributors.

Any employee tokens sold will be bought back from exchanges by ThunderCore and returned to the “Team & Advisors” wallet in the genesis block. By July 30th, 2019, the wallet balance will be 1,500,000,000.

The wallet address for the Team & Advisors pool is:


Please see the appendix for more details.

Release Schedule

The Token Release schedule will be modified on July 1st, 2019 to unlock tokens every 6 months rather than every month, alleviating selling pressure.

Moving forward, reserve and incentive tokens will be unlocked to ThunderCore every July and January. This release schedule will continue until July 2022.

Current vs New Token Release Schedule

Please see the appendix for more details.

Personal Note

I am more hopeful now than I was back in 2008, when I was a newbie entrepreneur. The rush I felt then pales in comparison to what is happening now. I am excited and proud of ThunderCore. We have more than 10,000 daily active users. We are announcing new partnerships and new engagements and features every week. Given that we are only a few short months from our mainnet launch, these results are nothing short of astounding.

Within the first week of our Staking Pool Service launch, over 560 stakers have staked in over 433 million tokens. 56% of the stakers chose to lock up their tokens for the maximum amount of time (1 year). I am grateful for our community’s trust and confidence in our long-term growth.

It is a vibrant and exciting time to be part of a blockchain project. We have a bright future ahead and I am excited to be on this journey with our token holders, exchange partners, and developers. From me and all of us at ThunderCore, thank you for being on this journey with us!


ThunderCore Wallet Addresses

Current Release Schedule

Proposed Token Release Schedule

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