ThunderCore Innovates on the Traditional Polling Model by Integrating Blockchain Technology

ThunderCore Innovates on the Traditional Polling Model by Integrating Blockchain Technology

ThunderCore’s blockchain technology brings innovation to the traditional opinion polling model. Through lightning fast blockchain technology, ThunderCore has improved opinion polling by making them more open, transparent, tamper-proof and auditable at any time.

Partnering with the Taiwan Open Democracy Observatory (TODO.a), ThunderCore has established Taiwan’s first online platform for opinion polling powered by blockchain technology: i-Voter. This collaboration has captured the imagination and the attention of the industry.

Research has shown that subjects tend to reject or quit an online poll because they don’t trust that their personal information will be protected nor do they trust the handling of the results to be unbiased. By integrating blockchain technology into the vital process of polling, ThunderCore solves for both privacy protection and platform credibility.

Using ThunderCore’s solution, respondents have their opinions recorded immediately in an immutable way. This tamper-proof mechanism protects the records forever and provides greater proof of impartiality for the results themselves. Due to the nature of the record, it is simple to inspect, verify and audit. Traditional opinion polling technology is not capable of this level of assurance.

The ThunderCore public blockchain is fast, secure and scalable. It is also EVM-compatible facilitating migration from other blockchains and simplifying development. More applications are being deployed all the time and we look forward to your support and hearing your suggestions!


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