ThunderCore in Action at Eth Waterloo!

ThunderCore in Action at Eth Waterloo!

About two weeks ago, we talked about our experience at Eth Waterloo. It was a fun and exciting time and we really enjoyed the community and the energy that we experienced there. 

We had a few teams build on the ThunderCore blockchain and we wanted to highlight two of them and award them their bounty prizes.

The first project is simple and straightforward showing off how simple and straightforward it is to migrate a smart contract onto ThunderCore. 

Tim Beiko is a Product Manager in the blockchain space out of Montreal, Canada. He was very interested in coming to Eth Waterloo to look at all of the various products that were being showcased. He attended our workshop and was impressed with how ThunderCore worked.  After building on ThunderCore, he came to me and told me that, 

“ThunderCore has great documentation and was easy to get started on, especially with my background working on Ethereum”

Tim is working in the blockchain space to help build a better protocol layer for decentralized applications and enjoyed the work he did on ThunderCore.

Here is a quick, silent video of his deployment.  What you should note is that Tim’s process was FAST. The video is only a minute long and it shows Tim migrating his smart contract onto the ThunderCore blockchain. Take a look!

The next project is called the “Shimmer Wallet”.

Enze Si (a student at the University of Waterloo) and Richard Qin (a full-stack developer) came together to build a very interesting project. 

Enze told me that they “were surprised by the transaction speed of the ThunderCore Wallet” and they wanted to build something that truly “visualized” how fast we were. In Enze’s words:

The Simmer Wallet focuses on the user experience and the functionality to send and receive ThunderTokens. They integrated the ThunderCore mainnet with metamask and deployed a “pixel image” that become more clear the more transactions are processed. 

Here is a demo video of their project.

Imagine a digital artist of some renown offering up a public auction for their next piece. A crowdsource platform could leverage the speed of ThunderCore to reveal the picture as each transaction is processed, giving both the customers and the audience an abstract idea of what the image will be before it is fully revealed. 

We are excited and honored to be able to reward both Tim and the Shimmer Wallet team prizes for the work they did in Waterloo!

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