ThunderCore Hub: Gateway to the Modern Blockchain

ThunderCore Hub: Gateway to the Modern Blockchain

The ThunderCore team has been hard at work. You have recently seen our updated website. We also deployed a fantastic integration of cutting-edge blockchain technology with a governance advisory project in Asia. But our work hasn’t stopped there. ThunderCore Hub, the gateway to the ThunderCore blockchain, has been updated to include many vital features. 

Feel free to download and explore them yourself by following the links below.

As you are still here, let me be your guide to what we have built under the hood of our new crypto wallet.


One of the most common complaints we hear about cryptocurrencies is that they are difficult to use. New-comers to the crypto universe struggle with understanding private/private key pairs, they get concerned and, honestly, nervous about handling a 12-word seed phrase. We have seen a precipitous drop-off of engagement during the early stages of a crypto wallet set-up because it is, quite simply, too new and abnormal to the neophyte. 

We have rebuilt ThunderCore Hub to be as “newbie” friendly as possible.

Starting with the login. We have integrated social sign-ins from Google, Facebook and WeChat to lower the friction users experience when they set up their wallet. New users – and existing crypto “grey-hairs” – can now turn their full attention to accessing and managing their crypto assets and exploring the world of decentralized applications (dApps).

Once you are inside the Hub, the user interface is as simple as pie. There is the Wallet – which provides storage, sending and receiving functions – the Browser – which you use to access and explore the dApp universe and the Settings tab. The browser is of particular importance. As you open it up, use the navigation bar and go to This is the landing page for a lot of the dApps running on the ThunderCore blockchain and will open the user to the universe of decentralized applications. The ThunderCore Hub is simplicity itself and anyone new to crypto will find it a breeze to navigate.

New Assets

Beyond the user interface, the new Hub brings with it support for new assets. Namely, the ThunderCore stable coins: TT-USDT and TT-Dai. If you aren’t familiar with stable coins, take a look at the primers we published back in July (What is a Stablecoin? and What can you do with a Stablecoin?). Users of the new ThunderCore Hub will be able to both deposit and withdraw these stablecoins directly from the wallet. 

Few More Surprises

The ThunderCore Hub is a full-featured, robust crypto wallet. That means it supports features such as a QR scanner to facilitate sending and receiving crypto in real time. The transaction history is a simple mechanism that shows the history of the account and the status of any pending transaction. However, unlike many other blockchains, pending transactions rarely occur on ThunderCore. Our cutting-edge proof-of-stake blockchain is powered by the PaLa consensus protocol, enabling us to generate over 4,000 transactions per second and have those transactions confirmed within a second. For now, we are also offering a small 5TT bonus to new sign-up using the social single sign-ons.

We invite you to download the new ThunderCore Hub and explore the real benefits that our real blockchain technology can provide for you.

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