ThunderCore Consensus 101

ThunderCore Consensus 101

Hi everyone, ThunderCore’s Product and Research Specialist speaking. I’ve tasked myself with a new effort to help share some of our expert knowledge with the rest of the community. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be releasing content to help people of different backgrounds understand the inner workings of ThunderCore’s public blockchain and blockchain consensus in general.

To start off, we have an introductory slide deck explaining ThunderCore’s Proof-of-Stake blockchain at a high level and how it improves upon existing Proof-of-Work consensus.

Next up will be a series of blog posts that will go in depth into consensus protocols and how they apply to blockchain. First we’ll introduce the preliminaries needed to understand consensus rigorously. Next we’ll go straight into existing consensus protocols, explain their uses, and give some historical context. Then we’ll explain how “Proof-of-Stake” is used to choose participants for consensus. Finally, with a solid background, we’ll be able to explain the Thunderella and PaLa consensus protocols.

We’ve also just published the ThunderCore whitepaper which outlines are technology in detail. If you’re seasoned in blockchain consensus, you can read the PaLa consensus research paper + check out the open source reference implementation.

Stay tuned for more!

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