ThunderCore at TruffleCon 2019

ThunderCore at TruffleCon 2019

The ThunderCore team had a great time at TruffleCon 2019. The best thing about it is the entire conference is focused on what you can build, learning, and community. We loved our time there.

Our Goals for TruffleCon

One of our goals is for developers to build apps on ThunderCore — decentralized apps that are useful, usable, and entertaining for people to use. So we wanted to make sure developers at TruffleCon were aware of ThunderCore, its benefits, and opportunities that come with working with the ThunderCore team should developers choose to build on us.

We had just launched our Stablecoin and wanted to show off its use in point-of-sale situations: it’s speed, utility, and all the stuff people can buy with it.

ThunderCore Stablecoin

We built a cross-chain bridge that would permit the creation of a token on the ThunderCore platform echoing functionality from an asset on a different chain.

The initial two assets we brought over were MakerDao’s DAI and Tether’s USDT — both assets from Ethereum. As mentioned in the blog posts leading up to launch (“What is a Stablecoin?” and “What can you do with a Stablecoin?”) having stablecoins on ThunderCore will enable teams building products on our platform to incorporate the features of these assets while benefiting from a faster underlying chain.

This project helps confirm a fundamental underlying assumption of our business: Building an EVM-compatible chain from the beginning allows us to profit from the more developed ecosystem on Ethereum, shortening the time it will take for that same ecosystem to exist on ThunderCore. Please click here to view the tutorial.

And what better way to show off our Stablecoin than to have a garage sale!

Garage Sale

At our Trufflecon booth, we met with developers and held the very first ThunderCore Garage Sale where we sold swag, candy, drinks, beer, and other items — as part of our Stablecoin launch promotion.

Here’s how the campaign worked:

A TT-DAI point-of-sale transaction is fast. Check out this video of a booth visitor buying a dog toy gun for 2 TT-DAI. Now imagine if all point-of-sale transactions were this fast!

It was a great experience. We’re thankful to the Truffle Suite team for having us. Can’t wait for next year!

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