ThunderCore and PaLa R1

ThunderCore and PaLa R1

We started ThunderCore in early 2018 to build the fastest secure public blockchain based on the Thunderella protocol. Thunderella offered the simplicity and security of synchronous blockchain protocols like PoW with speed exceeding all other consensus protocols. In late 2018, our researchers published the PaLa Consensus Protocol. The protocol has rigorously proven security properties and performance that rivals Thunderella. PaLa is the most performant and simple partially synchronous BFT consensus protocol. We have concluded that PaLa is the best consensus protocol for ThunderCore’s Mainnet.

ThunderCore will hard-fork upgrade our mainnet blockchain to use PaLa and open source our implementation in Q1 2020.

From now till then, we will be making upgrades (R1, R2, R3) to our mainnet to pave the way for the full open source and open participation release of PaLa on ThunderCore mainnet. The first of these is PaLa R1 which will be released on our testnet at the end of the month. Once we have confirmed full functionality of R1 on testnet, we will immediately deploy the upgrade to mainnet.

As part of R1, we will restart our testnet. There may be a short outage during the mainnet upgrade as nodes sync on the new protocol but all data will be preserved. If you think your project might be affected, please contact us. Further announcements will go out as we progress through the testnet and mainnet upgrades.

Along with our technology, ThunderCore’s business strategy and vision have also matured since our inception. We’ve published an updated white paper to better reflect our position in the industry. The white paper includes a technical outline the technology we’re building and should be the starting point for those who want to know more about our new protocol. Finally, within the next month we will be releasing educational content plus a website redesign. ThunderCore is committed to growing the blockchain community by providing quality educational material about consensus and blockchain in general.


With such a big upgrade, our product roadmap has been substantially revised and enriched. We are excited to share our updated product roadmap:


In May we announced at Consensus 2019 the open source reference implementation of the PaLa consensus protocol. We are confident that we have the best Proof-of-Stake compatible consensus algorithm out there. The source code together with supporting document explaining the protocol and our implementation is available here. This is the exact same code we’ll be using to power consensus on ThunderCore Mainnet. This is our early commitment to the blockchain BUIDL community and a solid step towards open sourcing our full blockchain protocol. Expect to see periodic updates to the reference implementation as well.

Next we will publish our Proof-Of-Stake design that will power our Voter and Proposer election.It will ensure honest behavior using economic incentives and slashing. Crypto-economic security is still a very new field and we look forward to improving our designs with the community’s feedback.

In efforts to foster healthy growth of the blockchain ecosystem, ThunderCore will be publishing learning resources that articulate the current state of blockchain research and placing our own innovation into this context. These will be released over the next several months.

We expect the blockchain community will equate BFT consensus with PaLa the same way they equate Distributed Hash Table (DHT) with Kademlia.

We are constantly working on the ThunderCore ecosystem as well. Earlier this year we released our staking pool service giving HODLers up to 30% ROI on their deposits. Cross-chain stable coin bridge gave TT users easy access to USDT and DAI. Many other DApps were launched on our ThunderCore Hub mobile browsers. With PaLa R1 developers will also have access to our trusted RNG feature allowing one line access to trusted entropy in smart contracts.

2020 Q1 we can fully share the fruits of our efforts. ThunderCore will be upgraded to PaLa R3 and we will open source the full implementation of our blockchain protocol. Although the plan is ambitious, we are confident to achieve our goals of delivering a decentralized and highly performant public blockchain. With all said and done, we expect ThunderCore to claim its spot as a leading figure in blockchain technology. We hope you’re as excited as we are for everything we have to offer. Thank you for your continued support!

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