Thunder Tokens Now Available on TTGet

Thunder Tokens Now Available on TTGet

This last month we have seen a lot of 3rd Party developers take advantage of our new developer portal to build products on the ThunderCore blockchain. We have seen ThunderCore come to Ledger Nano S and seen new block explorers roll out providing additional analytical data on ThunderCore applications and smart contracts. We also know of many great things around the corner for ThunderCore and it’s community.

But our work has barely started. We know that one of the hardest things for new crypto users to do is navigate the process of actually BUYING cryptocurrencies. How do you set up a wallet? How do you pay for the crypto? How do you store and make sure your crypto is safe? This process — which we, at ThunderCore, call the Crypto On-Ramp — can be a daunting task. We couldn’t be happier to see a new, 3rd party service released that can help smooth over this potentially irksome task.

Meet TTGet.

TTGet, released by Game Center, Ltd, is a service that allows a user to purchase Thunder Tokens using a credit card. They are currently integrated with Visa, Mastercard and JCB opening up the Thunder Token market to millions and millions of credit card holders.

This service doesn’t only bring a benefit to the users — developers can also find an advantage by integrating the service into their dapp. Any developer who is looking to provide an in-application purchase service or who wish to run a promotional event can utilize the TTGet service to facilitate that process.

Projects are building on ThunderCore. Tools and services are fleshing out our ecosystem and these projects are seeing the value of our underlying technology. If you are interested in hacking together a project on ThunderCore — join us in November at Eth Waterloo. It is sure to be a great time!

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