SuperNode Staking

Stake your Thunder Tokens and receive rewards for helping secure our chain.




SuperNode Staking is designed to reward Thunder Token holders for their contribution to the security of our state of the art Proof of Stake blockchain. Participants could deposit TT to earn staking rewards up to 24% APR. Inviting friends to join allows one to earn additional referral rewards up to 10% APR from each referee.

Two Rewards

Staking Rewards

Deposit Thunder Tokens by any kind of DApp browser to earn staking rewards up to 24% APR.


  • 360 days of lock-up period
  • Available to collect the proportion of your staking rewards after every 90 days
  • Deposits in this service will be automatically renewed if not collected within 3 days after the end of the lock-up period

Staking Annual Rewards Rates

Deposit amount / APR / Available seats

  • 100,000,000 TT / 24% / 9 deposits 
  • 10,000,000 TT / 18% / 99 deposits
  • 1,000,000 TT / 15% / 999 deposits

Referral Rewards

Invite a friend to stake to earn additional referral rewards up to 10% APR from each referee


  • No limit on the number of friends you can invite
  • Available to collect rewards after every 30 days
  • Can receive referral rewards even if you don’t deposit tokens into the program yourself

Referral Reward Rates

Referee’s Deposit amount / APR

  • 100,000,000 TT / 10%
  • 10,000,000 TT / 8%
  • 1,000,000 TT / 5%


A: SuperNode Staking is implemented as a smart contract and the referrer address can not be changed if you submitted. Please ensure the address is correct.
A: We only support Thunder Tokens.
A: SuperNode Staking will not charge any fees for staking, the only transaction fees charged are charged by the DApp browser when utilizing the underlaying blockchain.
A: The staked funds must be collected into 3 days after the lock-up period (360 days). However, you can collect the proportion of your staking rewards that has matured after 90 days, 180 days, 270 days, 360 days of depositing into this program.
A: SuperNode Staking is implemented as a smart contract and the referrer address can not be changed if you submitted. Please ensure the address is correct.

A: SuperNode Staking is operated by smart contract and the source address of a deposit can not be changed.

A: If you can not log into the Program owing to the loss of your private key, the legal responsibility lies with you and not Thundercore. Please store your private key safely.  

How do I stake my Thunder Tokens?


  • To access and participate in the Program you will have to create a ThunderCore blockchain wallet (the “Wallet”). You can accomplish wallets like MetaMask or TrustWallet which work with the ThunderCore blockchain. These wallets such as MetaMask are provided by third parties, and we are not responsible for any liabilities of any nature resulting from the use of such wallets. You’re responsible for management of the private keys for your Wallet. ThunderCore does not and will not manage, store, collect or otherwise access the private keys for your Wallet. You’re responsible for all activities that occur using your Wallet, whether or not you know about them.
  • Once earned, rewards must be claimed from the SuperNode Staking service by a participating yser for the user to receive them.
  • Access to the Program may require the use of your personal computer and/or mobile devices, as well as communications with or use of data and storage on such devices. You are responsible for any Internet or mobile charges that you may incur when accessing the Program.
  • You acknowledge that certain information including your wallet and on­ chain transaction records are all public information and can be accessed by anyone, including participants and non­participants of the Program.
  • Rewards earned as a result of fraudulent activities are null and void. ThunderCore reserves the right to request information about, review and investigate all Program activities, and to disqualify participants if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent or do not meet Program requirements. Thunder may determine that non­fraudulent earned Rewards are not affected by suspension or termination of the Program or an individual’s right to participate.
  • If you are unable to log in SuperNode Staking for some reason, please contact However, in any eventuality where the data registered by the participant is lost, wrong, unrecognizable or damaged due to computer, network, technology or other reasons not attributable to ThunderCore, ThunderCore must not be held legally responsible, and participants must not object.
  • ThunderCore will announce relevant information on this page of the SuperNode Staking service if there is any change to the Program, including our Terms and Conditions. When you partcipate in the Program, you are deemed to have agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.