Staking Pool Service Update #2

Staking Pool Service Update #2

It’s that time again.

Time for a quick glance into how the ThunderCore Staking Pool Service is doing. Today, I wanted to focus a little bit on how long people are choosing to lock-up their tokens.

Out of the 821 deposits addresses that we have currently locking up tokens in the Staking Pool Service, 55.3% of them are locking up for an entire year. We are very happy to see this. As you recall from our announcement last week, the ThunderCore team has also returned their tokens to a locked-status. Both of these data points reinforce the fact that our community and our team members are committed to the long term success of the ThunderCore project. We are building great things here and, as you could expect, revolutionary technology isn’t always built over-night.

Additionally, I have prepared this “Very Informative Chart”. As of today, the Staking Pool Service has reached 50% capacity. That means that it took less than a month for 50% of the tokens in the Service to be allocated. As a reminder: Enrollment in the Staking Pool Service is limited to either the allocation of 100M tokens as rewards, or 6 months — whichever comes first. If you are holding tokens and are waiting for some sign that you should participate in Staking — it’s time to stop waiting and jump in! Time is running out!

Our tutorial will walk you through the Staking process.

Seeing Around 10% Growth and Increased Traction

We only have a few weeks of data so far — so this number is needs further substantiation — but we are seeing just shy of a 10% growth rate week after week. The staking service is really hitting all of the milestones and goals we set for it when we were establishing the program and couldn’t be more pleased.

Stay tuned next week for another update. If you have any questions about the staking pool service or would like to see any additional statistics — throw your questions in the comments below or engage with us on twitter (@thunderprotocol) and we will dig up further information for you.

*Note: Statistics are from July 8th, 2019

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