New Game Rolls Out on ThunderCore

New Game Rolls Out on ThunderCore

Earlier this week, a new game was released by an independent development team called ThunderBet. Using the new functionality built into the ThunderLink web-wallet — this new game provides for a provably fair, totally on-chain gaming experience. Check it out here.

The ThunderBet project (currently still in Beta) raises the bar when it comes to blockchain-based gaming. The developers leveraged the high speeds of ThunderCore and built one of the sleekest, most intuitive UIs on the market. This provides a user with the best possible experience and makes the game more fun and enjoyable.

While ThunderBet does work with most EVM-compatible web browser, the user experience when the ThunderLink wallet is used is far superior. Thunderlink has an additional functionality that facilitates the automatic signing of transactions so that your play will be uninterrupted. ThunderBet is a non-custodial platform will give their users peace of mind their funds are fully under their control at all times.

We, here at ThunderCore, are excited to welcome ThunderBet to the ecosystem and excited to see users flock to it. We will note that this product has been produced by a non-affiliated, independent 3rd-party and they stand ready to answer questions and concerns on their telegram channel and on twitter

It is an exciting time to be part of the ThunderCore ecosystem. More and more products are coming out every day. So many, we may just need a map to show all the waypoints in the ThunderCore landscape. In the meantime, visit with us in Waterloo, Canada between the 8th and 10th of November. Join us to hack together an application or service that leverages the value of ThunderCore and you may just win one of our bounties. Hope to see you there!

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