More Tools. More Data. More Products.

More Tools. More Data. More Products.

We are beginning to see more and more independent 3rd parties building on ThunderCore and that is very exciting.

Not only has ThunderCore been integrated into a number of crypto wallets including, most recently, an integration into the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet — we are also seeing a number of valuable tools being released that improve the options for developers and users to interact with the ThunderCore blockchain.

We are excited to spotlight the recently integrated block explorer. (

Block explorers are like browsers for the internet. They provide a simple interface that can allow a user to explore and monitor the networks activity. But — like differences between Mozilla, Chrome and other browsers — each block explorer will provide unique tool sets that developers or users may be able to take advantage of.

ThunderScan ( was the first block explorer for ThunderCore released by our core team. It provides the core functionality that most developers are looking for. The Viewblock explorer is intended to be easy to use for the casual user, but they pack some powerful features under the hood for developers. They scan not only the transactions on the chain, but also smart contracts, fungible and non-fungible tokens. The team at Viewblock also provides various graphs and graphic user interfaces to visualize the block data.

We would like to invite our developer community to look at the Viewblock block explorer to find what else you can build. As always, we are keen to hear your suggestions and feature requests about both this tool as well as any other tool you would find useful in the ecosystem.

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