Join us in Waterloo!

Join us in Waterloo!

Eth Waterloo Hackathon Bounties for ThunderCore Announced.

This week our team has been enjoying meeting with developers and blockchain professionals at SF Blockchain Week. We have enjoyed seeing the development and growth of this technology and have been energized by the spirit of community upon which these decentralized systems thrive.

In just two more weeks, a small army of developers and hackers will descend on Waterloo, Canada for a few days of intense coding, building an assortment of new products and services using the best in blockchain technology. We are happy to be one of the sponsors for Eth Global and we look forward to engaging with the developer community at Eth Waterloo.

To further encourage the spirit of friendly competition — we have prepared a set of prizes to be awarded at the end of the hackathon.

Grand Prize: 250,000 ThunderTokens

The Grand Prize reflects our focus on building products that enrich the ecosystem and the cross-compatibility between chains. To that end — we will be awarding 250,000 TT to the best easy-to-use wallet that supports TT-USDT.

Second Prize: 100,000 ThunderTokens (x2)

There will be two prizes in this category — each one will receive 100,000 TT.

ThunderCore is a company built with a gamer culture. Our CEO helped build one of the most successful gaming platforms of the early ’00s in Playdom and we have brought that interest and focus to the blockchain space. In recognition of that spirit — the first of two Second Place prizes will be granted to the best gaming application to deploy using ThunderCore technology.

We also recognize that, as a protocol layer, there are countless services and projects that facilitate the interaction with our core technology. Services such as wallets, exchanges, block explorers and more. The second of the Second Place prizes will be to the best infrastructure project to integrate with ThunderCore.

Third Prize: 65,000 ThunderTokens (x2) & 35,000 ThunderTokens (x2)

The Third Prize is divided into two categories: Engagement and Design.

ThunderCore has always been about bringing blockchain technology to as many people as possible. To further that aim, there will be two Engagement prizes (65,000 TT each) that will be awarded at Eth Waterloo.

The first Engagement prize will be to the application that gains the most users over the weekend. This will be a race in growth hacking — building something quickly and seeing how many people you can get to interact with it.

The second Engagement prize will be a simple social media competition. We want to see how viral the developer community can be. We challenge the community to come up with the best ThunderCore related social media post and the one with the highest level of engagement — likes, retweets, shares, etc — will win 65,000 TT.

We have seen that a poor user experience can be a significant blocker to adoption of blockchain technology. Our last prize category is in Design: the best user interface or user experience will win 35,000 TT. Likewise, dapp developers need great tools as well, so the best analytical tool will also win 35,000 TT.

There you have it. ThunderCore will be handing out 7 prizes at Eth Waterloo — totaling 650,000 ThunderTokens. There are — of course — terms and conditions to be eligible for the prizes (simple items like: you must deploy a smart contract on ThunderCore to be considered) but those can be picked up at the ThunderCore booth at the hackathon.

Take a look at our Developer Portal in preparation and make sure to swing by our “Applied ThunderCore 101” workshop at the beginning of the hackathon.

We look forward to seeing you in Waterloo!

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