Guide for Investors

Instructions for Readying Your Wallet to Receive Thunder Tokens

This document describes the process with which token holders can leverage an existing Ethereum account and receive Thunder Tokens into MetaMask or Ledger. 

Step 1. Either use MetaMask in a Browser Session OR Use MetaMask with a Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet

Remember, your Ethereum address IS your ThunderCore address.


Step 2. Send Your Public Key Address to ThunderCore


This will start the process of depositing your purchased tokens by directing them to the wallet address provided.

** Please email your Wallet Public Address and the Name of the Fund directly to ThunderCore

CAUTION – LOSS OF PRIVATE KEYS MAY RENDER TOKEN WORTHLESS. If a private key is lost, destroyed or otherwise compromised and no backup of the private key is accessible, you as the purchaser will not be able to access the blockchain asset associated with the corresponding address, and the Network will not be capable of restoring the private key. Any loss of private keys relating to digital wallets used to store blockchain assets could have an adverse effect on the Purchaser, Tokens, and the company.


CAUTION – THIS TRANSACTION IS NOT REVERSIBLE, please make sure you verify that this is your key and that the public key is carefully entered.


Additional Links

Note: Users that might need additional help configuring either just MetaMask, or MetaMask with Ledger support, can follow the instructions in the section that follows these instructions.

How to Set Up MetaMask

How to Set Up Ledger Hardware Support


How to Set Up MetaMask

MetaMask is a digital wallet that can be used to hold your Thunder Tokens. The following instructions show you how to enable MetaMask for use with the ThunderCore platform.

1. Install MetaMask

Download MetaMask Google Chrome plugin at You will need your password and the seed words (make sure you save them in a secure location!).

2. Connect to ThunderCore network

1. Start up MetaMask in your browser.



2. Click on the circular icon on the top right (your screen may have a different icon, however it will work the same way). It will open a My Accounts window.

3. Click on Settings on the bottom of this window and scroll down to New Network. In the dialogue box enter the url for the ThunderCore Mainnet, which is, for chain ID enter "108", and for symbol type "TT". To be entered as shown below:

4. The MetaMask account information on the main screen will be updated once the Thunder Tokens are received.  Please be advised that the Tokens will appear to be ETH; however, they are actually Thunder Tokens.

5. Click on the X on the top right of the My Account screen to see the number of tokens in the account.  Please note that the MetaMask may incorrectly report these as ETH; again, these are Thunder Tokens.

6. Clicking on the account name just below the main address line will copy your address to the clip board.  You can paste this into your email window or any other document.



​​Known issues with MetaMask



Since MetaMask was originally developed for Ethereum, certain info displayed in MetaMask can be somewhat misleading when you are using it for the ThunderCore Mainnet. Notably, there are multiple places in the UI that uses ETH (ether) as the unit, when they are really referring to Thunder Tokens. By extension, the USD numbers are incorrect too, since they are computed using the price of ether.


This guide will help you set up Hardware Wallet Support for the Ledger Nano S.

NOTE: Your ThunderCore wallet address will be exactly the same as your Ethereum wallet address.


  1. Create or synchronize a wallet on Ethereum Mainnet to Ledger Nano S.

    • Skip this step if you already have a Ethereum wallet on Ledger Nano S.​

  2. Connect your Ledger to your computer.

  3. Select the Ethereum Application.  If the Ethereum Application is not installed:

    • Visit to install Ledger Live on your computer.

    • Install the Ethereum Application to your Ledger Nano S from the Ledger Live app.  Make sure contract data is turned on.

  4. Open MetaMask.

  5. Connect MetaMask to your Ledger. ​Perform the below instructions, reproduced from this well-written guide :​


How to connect your Ledger Nano S to MetaMask


This method can be used even if you normally use My Ether Wallet with your Ledger and requires no additional steps to use MetaMask instead, which has a far simpler interface.

This is particularly useful if you transact regularly but want the added security of using a hardware wallet.

What you need:
Ledger Nano S
A Computer
Chrome installed
MetaMask installed

1. Connect your Ledger to your computer.





























































































































































































































































































































                               connect your ledger and type in your PIN


Your first step is to plug your Ledger into your computer. Ensure it powers on and then input the pin you choose when setting up your ledger.

2. Select the Ethereum Application

                                navigate to the Ethereum app and open it


Next you need to open the Ethereum application on your Nano S. You do this by switching through the applications installed on your Ledger by pressing down on either the left or right button to navigate through the applications.

Once you have the Ethereum application selected, push down on both buttons to open the application.


3. Make sure contract data is turned on

                                         scroll down to the settings option


Once the Ethereum application is open, press the right side button until you locate the “Settings” option. Press down on both buttons to open the menu.

                        press down both buttons on contract data


The first item in the settings menu is “Contract Data”. Push down both buttons to select it.

                                  press down both buttons to select yes


Now navigate with the right side button to choose “Yes” and then press down on both buttons to select it.

Once you have set your ledger up like this the first time, you won’t have to do it again each time you want to use it with MetaMask.

Your Ledger is now ready!

4. Open MetaMask

                                                                        click on the metamask fox


Since you have already installed MetaMask, you need to open up your Chrome browser, and click on the MetaMask fox to interact with the application.

                                                                              click on the avatar


Next, you need to click on your avatar in the top right corner of MetaMask. The avatar on your version of MetaMask will look different to the one in the image, but is always located in the same place.

This will open up the menu in black and will give you access to many options for customizing your MetaMask such as adding additional accounts, importing accounts and connecting a hardware wallet such as your Ledger Nano S.

5. Connect MetaMask to your Ledger

                                                                          select hardware wallet


Click on “Connect Hardware Wallet”

                                                                  select Ledger and click on connect   

The next screen that pops up is fairly self explanatory. Simply click on the “Ledger” button to select it, and then click “CONNECT”

Select ledger live if your ledger has been updated to the latest firmware and you use ledger live, or select legacy if it has not been updated in some time

Once you have connected your Ledger, you need to tell MetaMask how to read it.

If you have updated your Ledger to the latest firmware and have been using the Ledger Live application, you should select “Ledger Live” and if you have not updated it, you should select Legacy.

If you are unsure, start by selecting Ledger Live and looking at the grey box below it for your address, and Ethereum balance.

MetaMask automatically sorts the addresses on your Ledger by balance, so if you have an Ethereum balance in the same address, this is the easiest way to identify your account.

If you don’t have an Ethereum balance on the address you want to connect, you need to identify the correct address by looking at the column with the 0x addresses to identify the correct one to choose.

If the correct address isn’t showing up, go back to the drop down menu, select “Legacy” and try the above steps again.

Once you have found the correct address (in this case, in the pink box), click “CONNECT”

You are connected!

                                                    your ledger is connected to metamask


You’ve now connected your Ledger to MetaMask.


Connect to ThunderCore RPC

Step 1

After MetaMask is connected to Ledger, make sure the Ledger Wallet is selected.​

Step 2

Click on "Main Ethereum Network" and select "Custom RPC".

Step 3

Scroll down a bit to see the section "New Network".

Step 4

Verify that the Custom RPC is displayed in the Network dropdown field as shown:

Step 5

Congratulations! Now you have a Thunder wallet on ThunderCore Mainnet, from which you can start sending and receiving Thunder Tokens and interact with DApps built on Thunder!


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