i-Voting Formally Adopts ThunderCore’s Blockchain Technology

i-Voting Formally Adopts ThunderCore’s Blockchain Technology

In August, the Mayor of Taipei, Taiwan, Ke Wenzhe and his Director of the Bureau of Information, Lv Zinke, visited the headquarters of the MaiCoin Group for a roundtable on innovation. “Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and 5G, among other emerging technologies, are optimal approaches to innovation” said Director Zinke. “Blockchain, especially, can be used to establish a transparent and trustless environment with its decentralized distributed ledger. In the future blockchain-based applications will be closer to the day-to-day lives of citizens through enhancements to educational background certification, FinTech and the i-Voting project.”

This December marks the fulfillment of Director Zinke’s vision. The Department of Information of the Taipei City Government announced that i-Voting will formally adopt blockchain technology. ThunderCore was selected to implement and deploy the project after a rigorous examination of blockchain technology and teams. Through ThunderCores’ premium public blockchain technology, i-Voting will increase transparency and will drive higher public trust. All of the voting records on the website will be recorded on ThunderCore’s chain and will have the credibility and security that such blockchain-based solutions provide.

ThunderCore was selected because it has delivered on the promise of bringing blockchain technology to the masses. The ThunderCore protocol solves for security, decentralization and scalability through a unique and advanced consensus protocol which also accelerates transactions to over 4,000 per second. As a public chain, ThunderCore is open and transparent and is applicable to fields such as data storage, gaming, program development, asset management, fundraising, medical records and more. i-Voting is prime use case for the data storage technology built into ThunderCores’ world-leading technology.

Historically, there have been multiple issues involving voting including manual errors and audit-able trails. Now, with blockchain technology, people can see voting records openly on a designated ThunderCore platform. Audits are greatly facilitated and any incorrect voting record will be identified and marked by the integral blockchain functionalities.

ThunderCore is dedicated to seeing blockchain power a better world. We look forward to sharing with you further work in areas of public policy. Thank you for your continuous support and attention!.

ThunderCore Pala Technical White Paper: https://docs.thundercore.com/thunder-whitepaper.pdf

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