HODLing Thunder Tokens on Portis Wallet

HODLing Thunder Tokens on Portis Wallet

Portis Wallet is Adding Native Support for Thunder Tokens Solving an Important Usability Issue

ThunderCore’s mission has always been to bring about wider adoption of blockchain. By solving scalability issues, ThunderCore has tackled just one hurdle on that front. Another big set of hurdles are usability issues. Adding support for Thunder Token (TT) in the Portis wallet solves important usability pains of TT holders.

For someone to own a cryptocurrency let alone use a dapp, they have to go through multiple hoops of installing a browser extension or a mobile app and then saving the multiple word mnemonic phrase. For someone who just wants to play a dice game, these steps are an immediate turnoff.

Portis wallet comes to rescue! To own TTs, all you have to do is to register with an email/password on the Portis wallet website.

And right away you are ready to receive/send TTs.

Unlike centralized exchanges, Portis does not ever get to see your private keys which as a result are hack proof. They are able to achieve this by using end-to-end encryption, which offers users a non-custodial wallet, but with a cloud-like experience. This means that all you need is your email and password to access your funds from any browser, on any device, no installation required. For more info on their security architecture, check out their whitepaper. But please remember your password. If you lose your password, everything in your Portis account is lost.

Before you start using Portis for ThunderCore, we will recommend you to check out a simple tutorial.

There is more good news ahead in the coming months:

  1. Gas Station Network (GSN) is going to be deployed for ThunderCore by the Portis team and Portis wallet will integrate with the ThunderCore GSN. It will allow users to use a few ThunderCore dapps without any gas fees.
  2. Many new ThunderCore dapps will integrate with Portis. It will allow their users to use those dapps without any browser extension or app installation.

About ThunderCore

ThunderCore is an EVM compatible blockchain, with 1,200 transactions per second and sub-second confirmation times. The ThunderCore team is focused on supporting developers by creating an ecosystem that enables them to turn their dapps into full-fledged businesses with users that come back to their dapps over and over again.

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