Crypto Powered

Financial Freedom

Blockchain + Cryptocurrency enables a global system capable of :

Simple and Straightforward

Blockchain-based transactions are simple interactions between 2 accounts. Traditional financial transactions can include between 6 and dozens of parties depending on the nature of the transaction.

Extremely Low Fees

The only “fee” is the transaction fee, which on ThunderCore is less than $0.001. In traditional finance, each party takes a fee and as the chain grow, so does the cost of the transaction getting as high as 30% in some cases.

Freedom to the User

Unlike traditional financial services, Blockchain-based transactions is cannot be stopped or altered. This means no 3rd party can influence your payments and how you want to use your assets.


The Decentralized Economy Makes New Options Available

The path into the decentralized economy is simple

Only the Beginning

As the digital ecosystem grows, more and more opportunities will emerge to help you grow and use your assets. The days of an open, borderless financial system are just beginning. Get started now and check out our tutorial on how to get a wallet.