august, 2019

2019fri02augAll Daysun04TruffleCon 2019(All Day) Microsoft Campus, 16070 NE 36th Way Event Organized By: Truffle

Event Details

TruffleCon is a gathering for Truffle users, fans, developers, and those who want to build world-changing applications powered by decentralized technologies.

Join people from around the world as we meet August 2-4 in Redmond, WA to build community and foster connections in the blockchain developer space, share tips and tricks, challenges and successes.

Our goal is to inspire you to build your DApps and smart contracts to bring your ideas to the world! And we’ll have some fun too while we’re at it. And maybe chocolate too.


august 2 (Friday) - 4 (Sunday)


Microsoft Campus

16070 NE 36th Way


TruffleTruffle provides world-class solutions for blockchain development, offering the tooling, training, advisory and support services for the world’s most popular blockchain networks. With a strong foundation in the Ethereum ecosystem, Truffle’s suite of tools is used by hundreds of thousands of developers and is trusted to help bring dapps and smart contracts to life. Our suite consists of three tools that make your development experience sweeter: Truffle, Ganache and Drizzle. All three tools help speed up development and ensure you only need to focus on one thing: Your application. But we’re building more than just tools. We’re building a community of developers who are on the forefront of an exciting new technology. Our mission is to make developers’ lives easier through tools, guidance, tutorials, documentation, training and support. This includes our newest endeavor, Truffle University. Find out more about our tools and the services we offer at