Blockchain guaranteed
 hassle-free data storage


By default, all data stored on ThunderCore, a public blockchain, are open and accessible to everyone. Anyone with internet access can view data on chain anytime, anywhere through a blockchain explorer.


Data on chain are protected with an unlimited number of distributed copies. This means that there is no single point of failure and data is tamper-proof. Information confirmed on chain are forever unable to be edited or removed.


All transactions and changes are tracked, permanently recorded and easily verified. As data is decentralized with distributed copies, there is no possible way to lose, delete or hide any data.

use case

ThunderCore x i-Voting x Participatory Budgeting in Taipei City 2020

Users complete and submit survey on iVoting

Survey results are trackable on ThunderCore® Scan

Case Study

  • Participatory budgeting of Taipei exactly draws on i-Voting. Citizens come up with ideas, discuss, and put forward a proposal. An i-Voting poll is synchronously carried out by 12 administrative regions to determine the priority of some public budget expenditure and make decisions on an effective and reasonable allocation of public resources.

  • i-Voting continues to evolve with the incorporation of ThunderCore blockchain technology. Which further advances i-Voting’s ideas of fairness, openness, impartiality, transparency, and verifiability. Using ThunderCore Scan the public can view public records at any time on the platform, to avoid problems like voting fraud and vote to check errors. “Driven Smart City” that is, empower smart cities by using blockchain technology.


The use flow

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