Blockchain guaranteed
 hassle-free data storage


By default, all data stored on ThunderCore, a public blockchain, are open and accessible to everyone. Anyone with internet access can view data on chain anytime, anywhere through a blockchain explorer.


Data on chain are protected with an unlimited number of distributed copies. This means that there is no single point of failure and data is tamper-proof. Information confirmed on chain are forever unable to be edited or removed.


All transactions and changes are tracked, permanently recorded and easily verified. As data is decentralized with distributed copies, there is no possible way to lose, delete or hide any data.

use case

Creating a transparent, tamper-resistant survey

Users complete and submit survey on iVoter

Survey results are trackable on ThunderCore Scan

Case Study

TODO.a is a non-profit organization that empowers citizens to monitor politicians’ actions and political track records. Integral to TODO.a’s mission is to provide voters accurate and trusted data and polling analysis. However, as political climate may be plagued with fake news and biased polls, TODO.a sought a solution that would offer credibility and data incorruptibility.

Together with ThunderCore, TODO.a has created a transparent, tamper-resistant survey application. Furthermore, answers from politicians are also submitted to chain–thereby guaranteed and forever saved.


The use flow

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