Come Build Something on the ThunderCore Blockchain at ETH New York

Come Build Something on the ThunderCore Blockchain at ETH New York

We are fortunate enough to be part of the ETH New York hackathon this weekend, organized by the amazing ETHGlobal team.

Why is ThunderCore Sponsoring a Hackathon Organized by a Grantee of the Ethereum Foundation?

Good question.

First off, we don’t view Ethereum as a competing blockchain. ThunderCore and Ethereum are, as it were, cut from the same cloth. ThunderCore is EVM compatible and we admire many of the Ethereum based projects and dapps built on Ethereum. In a recent Unchained podcast, Vitalik said that he wants to collaborate with other blockchains for which he has much respect. We know ThunderCore is one of those Blockchains he respects — Elaine Shi and Vitalik have discussed and collaborated to some extent in the past about sharding, proof of stake, and other items. And many Ethereum PoS proposals were inspired by Elaine Shi’s Snow White Consensus Protocol.

We’re excited to continue in that tradition by collaborating even more through the ETH New York Hackathon.

What are ThunderCore’s Goals During this Hackathon?

Hackathons teach new skills, strengthen developer communities, and push the limits of new technologies. We want to do the following:

  • Awareness of ThunderCore: We want developers to know there are options: some use cases make sense to use Ethereum or some other blockchain; there are others for which ThunderCore might make more sense. We believe in personal choice but developers need to know about their choices first.
  • Learn: Learn new skills, build community, collaborate.
  • Build: Create a product, get real feedback from community members

ThunderCore Challenges and Wish Lists

ETHGlobal has told all sponsors that a maximum of $8000 is available from each sponsor to award as bounties. So, below are our challenges and we hope there will be dozens and dozens of teams that take us up on our challenges and wish lists.

  • $1,000 in Thunder Tokens: Privacy — Build a solution that enables private transactions and private smart contracts on ThunderCore.
  • $3,000 USD in Thunder Tokens: Best Game or DAPP where users can wager and win rewards in Thunder Tokens.
  • $4,000 USD in Thunder Tokens: Best Tooling: Make it easier for developers and users to use the ThunderCore blockchain. For e.g.: Dev services, Dev tools, Stable coins, Dex.

Ultimately we want developers to exercise their creativity and build something elegant and useful on ThunderCore. We want developers to take advantage of our super fast TPS, finality in seconds, and also really cheap gas.

Hope to see you at ETH New York. It’s going to be fun. If you’re a developer, go apply and build something on ThunderCore.

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