BUIDLing Just Got Easier

BUIDLing Just Got Easier

In anticipation of the upcoming Eth Waterloo hackathon, ThunderCore is proud to highlight a new developer portal: Developers.thundercore.com.

As many of our team members are active participants in the blockchain developer community as well as the general open source community, we have seen firsthand how developer best practices are beneficial and critical to the growth of emerging ecosystems. We are looking forward to accelerating the innovation by working more closely with external developers. The new developer portal will be a resource hub for both internal and external developers of varying expert levels, coming from our business partners and clients, independent third parties and our own, internal development team.

This new portal will empower developers looking to discover and quickly leverage ThunderCore’s cutting edge technology in their distributed applications. It provides descriptions on how to test a product on ThunderCore, including how to receive test tokens and mainnet tokens. Additionally, the portal has a variety of resources guiding a developer on how to build an application, how to migrate an existing one from Ethereum and how to deploy an ERC-20. It contains a catalog of tutorials and associated documentation that will enable self-service discovery and facilitate on-boarding.

The ThunderCore developer portal is accessible by anyone around the world and already supports multiple languages, addressing developers and users on a global scale. The next generation of distributed applications, no longer throttled by poor transaction throughput or delayed by long transaction confirmation time, are coming. By building your application on the ThunderCore blockchain, you will have an application that can manage the scale, speed and business logic a successful application requires.

The ThunderCore team will be participating in the Eth Waterloo hackathon in early November. Join us! Compete for our bounties and see what you can build on the revolutionary ThunderCore blockchain.

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