Announcing the Launch of Our New Website

Announcing the Launch of Our New Website

We would like to offer a heartfelt “Thank You!” to every member of our ThunderCore community. Your encouragement and continued support has meant the world to us. We have enjoyed interacting with you and hearing your feedback. 

The ThunderCore team has focused on our goal to deliver value and utility through our technology. Part of that goal is making sure that information about what we offer and what we can do is clear and accessible. 

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Visit and see what we have built! Our new website is the ideal vehicle to share our progress and content (now shared in multiple languages). For example, you can find our whitepaper–recently updated–showcased front and center on the new site. Within that paper readers can discover how we have been able to upgrade our chain to process 4,000 transactions per second, more than enough to satisfy the expectations of the modern consumer.

Visitors will have robust access to the entire ThunderCore ecosystem, discovering everything from products running on the chain to thought-leadership pieces written by our staff, to technical documentation and case studies.

ThunderCore is committed to the ideal that REAL BLOCKCHAIN can provide REAL BENEFITS. We are committed to keeping ThunderCore as a leader among public chains and blockchain research. We have updated our roadmap to include important milestones on that journey and to give visibility into what we are building and how we plan to ensure that everyone has access to the value created by blockchain technology.

Driven by these beliefs, our team has delivered several exciting achievements in the areas of Financial Freedom, Data Storage and Smart Contracts. Visit our “Use Cases” page to find out more about how our native tokens (such as the Thunder Token and the stablecoins TT-Dai and TT-USDT) support financial freedom by powering an economy without borders using technology that is both fast and secure. You can also find examples of how governments have partnered with us to deploy open and transparent public polling, relying on not only our expertise with blockchain technology, but also the immutable, auditable nature of the blockchain. 

Above all, ThunderCore is also a cutting-edge smart contracts platform. Developers can build tamper-resistant smart contracts using rigorous cryptographic systems that facilitate auditability and fact-checking. These smart contracts can be deployed on a public chain without restrictions and can power the growth of an interactive and exclusive ecosystem. Through the decentralized nature of the ThunderCore blockchain, the worlds’ industries are more convenient and safe. Strangers around the globe are able to trust and cooperate with each other through the implementation of real blockchain technology. City governments have used our smart contract technology to improve the lottery systems they use in public schooling, housing vouchers, or other random selection programs where impartiality is paramount.

And these are just a few of the typical use cases our team is working on. ThunderCore can deliver REAL BLOCKCHAIN and REAL BENEFITS. We will see many more applications coming and will keep sharing them with you.


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