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Real Blockchain | Real Benefits
Premier decentralized public blockchain bringing tangible value to the world.
Best PoS
ThunderCore’s PaLa consensus algorithm, mathematically proven to be secure, is simpler and faster than any other consensus algorithm including Hotstuff, Tendermint, FBFT, and FBA.
ThunderCore is the perfect platform to store and use data. Our tamper-resistant survey tools are used by TODO.a and the Taipei City–guaranteeing their data to be unaltered and transparent.
Smart Contracts
Smart contracts are tamper-resistant and automatically execute once conditions are met–reducing costs and increasing efficiency. This creates new possibilities in business operations and applications.
Financial Freedom
On ThunderCore, regular transactions and cross chain transfers only take seconds to complete. Already the community has built stable coins, cross chain bridges, and multiple exchanges on our platform.
Usability is at the core of ThunderCore’s product philosophy. That’s why we are EVM compatible, easy to build on, and mobile first.